0035 – Travellers of the Soul

A cow at my friends farm in Australia, sometime in 2018 The only time to write is when the clock is striking far too late and

0034 – The Streets We Walk

Grünerløkka, Oslo 6th December 2018 Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve found patterns in the streets I’ve walked.

In the body of the crystal

Me and a giant zucchini, Sandvika 2023 In the body of a the crystal, I was curled like a child. I became aware of the colours

The Sadness

Flowers in Oslo, September 2023 I’ve been here before, maybe you have too. That feeling of floating and trying to grasp onto

On Ambivalence

Trees on the way back from BER, Berlin 2023 I have a newfound understanding for ambivalence. I used to look down on people who

0030 – The limitations of friendship

People and ducks at Hyde Park, November 2018 There’s a meme going around from “Into the spiderverse” where y

0029 – I wrote to you too late

A block of flats, Oslo 2018 There was a time when I was there. There was a time when I was a child and everything moved around

0028 – How it feels to live in Berlin

Alexanderplatz, December 2023 I’ve spent a lot of time in Berlin this year, more than I’ve ever have in my life. I

0027 – I need you to be alive

Me on a pier in Oslo, June 2020 We exist in the eyes of others. On a fundamental level, I think that a large part of our happi

0026 – The Softness of Winter

Snow on grass, Berlin November 2023 I woke up this morning and there was a stillness in the air. It feels like everything has

0025 – Romantics Make The Worst Lovers

Two apples on my kitchen table, Oslo July 2023 Sometimes it’s better to start from nothing and see where it goes than to

0024 – Getting Into Shape Spiritually

Mirrors at a flea market in Berlin, July 2023 Getting in shape doesn’t mean adhering to an external ideal but rather, al

0023 – Decision Points

Train tracks in Berlin, October 2023 The problem with high agency is that one feels a responsibility if things go wrong. It

0022 – Reckoning With The Fundamentalist Within Me

Me with my bible, circa 2007 They hated me and I understand why. I arrived in Australia with a burning hatred for religion, as

0021 – The Point of Falling Down Escalators

My feet in Lisbon, October 2023 My brother and I looked to our left and a hand and half a bald head were visible at the end of

0020 – Understanding constraints

Abandoned house in Brumundal, August 2022 I’m trying to understand the idea of limits. The difference between a professi

0019 – The Origin of (some of) My Fear

Police cars in Berlin blocking off a street for a demonstration against Israel, October 2023 I used to be less scared of faili

0018 – A Caged Bird Doesn’t Sing – On Instrumental Relations

Bus stop in Dale, January 2020 I’m going to fumble my way through this one because I have a lot of feelings about this b

0017 – The Privilege of The Membrane

Me in a Tiki Bar, October 2020 It is the job of a parent to separate their child from the harshness of the world and let them

0016 – When to run

A leftist party in Oslo, March 2022 It is hard to figure out when something is a threat to you or your ego. It takes time and

0015 – I Want To Care

A photo of a crystal sent to me, circa 2018 I’m here to rant about people in big cities. For all the capitals I’ve

0014 – Life Will Be Tired of Me

My Brother and I in Bali, circa 2000 I wrote a few days ago in “0011 – Small steps, my steps” that it may be

0013 – Strapping For The Adventure

Six Flags, August 2018 W and I didn’t have much money in college. It was always a somewhat frightening thing going to th

0012 – Levelling With A Romantic

Sunrise over Penang, December 2022 The most important thing I need in a partner and a friend is the ability to level with me.

0011 – Small Steps, My Steps

Me and a succulent, September 2021 I’m having this weird feeling of progressing but also feeling left behind. I’ve

0010 – Long Term Thinking Makes You Optimistic

Interintellect super salon with Kevin Kelly, November 2023 Last night Simon joined me to attend an Interintellect salon with K

0009 – Acting and Holding

Kistefoss museum, May 2020 The building opposite ours is green. It’s at least seven stories high and at the very left th

0008 – Writing Sailboats

Lisbon, October 2023 Day 4. Did you know you are meant to cook mushrooms without oil? Well, you’re meant to dehydrate th

0007 – Parts of Myself

Henie Onstage Kunstsenter, September 2023 Day three of the streak and I feel like the engine is starting to come to life. I ca

0006 – Stability and Babies

Me at an ‘Asian garden’, October 2023 The waves of emotion come and go and the greatest people are the ones who ca

0005 – Henry Rollins and Berlin

Berlin TV Tower, November 2023 The most important thing is to write. To write is to think. These days I’m thinking about

0004 – Letting Your Shadow Speak

Akerselva waterfall, August 2023 There’s this idea in the /r/redpill community of ‘integrating the shadow’,

0003 – Counting Worms

Knocked Loose in Berlin, August 2023 I want to build on what I wrote in my first post about this project being a compost heap

0002 – The Price of Freedom

Hamburg harbour, August 2023 I think of my old boss and the stress he puts herself under running a company. He stays up late a

0001 – Hello world!

Hamburg flak tower, August 2023 I’ve hit the clock and the time starts now. I have thirty minutes to write my heart out.