0025 – Romantics Make The Worst Lovers

Two apples on my kitchen table, Oslo July 2023 Sometimes it’s better to start from nothing and see where it goes than to

0024 – Getting Into Shape Spiritually

Mirrors at a flea market in Berlin, July 2023 Getting in shape doesn’t mean adhering to an external ideal but rather, al

0023 – Decision Points

Train tracks in Berlin, October 2023 The problem with high agency is that one feels a responsibility if things go wrong. It

0022 – Reckoning With The Fundamentalist Within Me

Me with my bible, circa 2007 They hated me and I understand why. I arrived in Australia with a burning hatred for religion, as

0021 – The Point of Falling Down Escalators

My feet in Lisbon, October 2023 My brother and I looked to our left and a hand and half a bald head were visible at the end of

0020 – Understanding constraints

Abandoned house in Brumundal, August 2022 I’m trying to understand the idea of limits. The difference between a professi

0019 – The Origin of (some of) My Fear

Police cars in Berlin blocking off a street for a demonstration against Israel, October 2023 I used to be less scared of faili

0018 – A Caged Bird Doesn’t Sing – On Instrumental Relations

Bus stop in Dale, January 2020 I’m going to fumble my way through this one because I have a lot of feelings about this b

0017 – The Privilege of The Membrane

Me in a Tiki Bar, October 2020 It is the job of a parent to separate their child from the harshness of the world and let them

0016 – When to run

A leftist party in Oslo, March 2022 It is hard to figure out when something is a threat to you or your ego. It takes time and

0015 – I Want To Care

A photo of a crystal sent to me, circa 2018 I’m here to rant about people in big cities. For all the capitals I’ve

0014 – Life Will Be Tired of Me

My Brother and I in Bali, circa 2000 I wrote a few days ago in “0011 – Small steps, my steps” that it may be

0013 – Strapping For The Adventure

Six Flags, August 2018 W and I didn’t have much money in college. It was always a somewhat frightening thing going to th

0012 – Levelling With A Romantic

Sunrise over Penang, December 2022 The most important thing I need in a partner and a friend is the ability to level with me.

0011 – Small Steps, My Steps

Me and a succulent, September 2021 I’m having this weird feeling of progressing but also feeling left behind. I’ve

0010 – Long Term Thinking Makes You Optimistic

Interintellect super salon with Kevin Kelly, November 2023 Last night Simon joined me to attend an Interintellect salon with K

0009 – Acting and Holding

Kistefoss museum, May 2020 The building opposite ours is green. It’s at least seven stories high and at the very left th

0008 – Writing Sailboats

Lisbon, October 2023 Day 4. Did you know you are meant to cook mushrooms without oil? Well, you’re meant to dehydrate th

0007 – Parts of Myself

Henie Onstage Kunstsenter, September 2023 Day three of the streak and I feel like the engine is starting to come to life. I ca

0006 – Stability and Babies

Me at an ‘Asian garden’, October 2023 The waves of emotion come and go and the greatest people are the ones who ca

0005 – Henry Rollins and Berlin

Berlin TV Tower, November 2023 The most important thing is to write. To write is to think. These days I’m thinking about

0004 – Letting Your Shadow Speak

Akerselva waterfall, August 2023 There’s this idea in the /r/redpill community of ‘integrating the shadow’,

0003 – Counting Worms

Knocked Loose in Berlin, August 2023 I want to build on what I wrote in my first post about this project being a compost heap

0002 – The Price of Freedom

Hamburg harbour, August 2023 I think of my old boss and the stress he puts herself under running a company. He stays up late a

0001 – Hello world!

Hamburg flak tower, August 2023 I’ve hit the clock and the time starts now. I have thirty minutes to write my heart out.